Our Vision

We unleash human potential.

Our Vision

Solution IPC: Bridging the gap between ordinary and extraordinary human performance.

Arnab GuptaWe all want to be our best selves. To provide the right answer at the right time. To know where to look or what to do next. To always say just the right words and do just the right thing that drives the most impact or creates the best possible outcome.

At Solution IPC, we don’t just make software or provide analytics services. We empower businesspeople to be the absolute best versions of themselves that their potential allows. Whether we’re helping a flight attendant remember a frequent flier’s drink order, recommending the best upsell for a customer service rep to suggest, optimizing asset allocation decisions for a portfolio manager, or flagging risks for an auditor, we develop our enterprise solutions with one goal in mind: Turn ordinary performers into extraordinary ones.

We do this by understanding one basic principal that many others fail to recognize: Machines alone can only take your business so far. Human beings must remain an integral part of the equation. The two are not only complementary but can actually achieve more together. We call this concept Man + Machine.

Multiple examples abound. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, commissioned a prize competition in 2011, challenging the scientific community to form teams and successfully reconstruct shredded documents. The winning team used a combination of Man + Machine techniques to successfully solve a series of shredded document puzzles, completing all tasks successfully in just 32 days — 3 days ahead of schedule, which is highly impressive for a seemingly insurmountable task. Automobile manufacturers have embraced the Man + Machine concept in another unique way: by enlisting advanced algorithms to process massive volumes of automobile pricing data and derive an optimal price for each individual vehicle in the used automobile market and then feed that optimized price to human auctioneers who rapidly match each vehicle with a buyer. Perhaps the most famous examples relate to the games of chess and Go, in which man initially beat the machine (Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue in 1996), machine eclipsed man (Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov in 1997, AlphaGo vs. Lee Se-dol in 2016), and now Man + Machine have partnered to apply their specialized, complementary skills to solve critical human health challenges (DeepMind and the Royal Free Hospital in 2016).

Our Hospital Revenue Leakage solution illustrates this concept very vividly. This solution is designed to dramatically improve the productivity of auditors in hospital finance departments, helping hospitals find missing charges in patient accounts, recoup lost revenue, and take action to mitigate or eliminate future losses. It uses advanced Big Data analytics and machine learning to provide a prioritized list of accounts every day, so that each morning, an auditor can immediately focus on issues with the largest business impact. The cumulative effect of this seemingly simple idea is staggering. In one instance, our solution allowed a $5 billion healthcare system to reduce the number of auditors from 60 to 10, while improving net annual outpatient revenue by 60bps, delivering a double-digit improvement in net profit. The solution improved each auditor’s performance so much that the capacity of each auditor grew to the equivalent of five auditors, substantially increasing case throughput. Beyond that impressive achievement, the solution’s machine learning functionality helped each auditor continue to improve his or her performance on an ongoing basis.

Neither the auditors nor the analytics’ functionality driving the recommendations was solely responsible for accomplishing this feat. They had to work together, each playing a critical role. In this example, the machine played to its strengths by reviewing 100% of the hospital’s invoices and prioritizing the list so that the humans, who could not possibly have reviewed all of the invoices, could use their domain-specific knowledge and experience to review a small subset. This intelligent division of labor allowed the humans to focus their time and energy on the invoices that were likely to make the largest contribution to net cash flow, while playing to their innate strength: their ability to understand nuances that might not be apparent to a machine. When technology solutions incorporate the complementary strengths of man and machine, it is ultimately human performance that improves. This leads to far greater business impact than would have been possible by humans alone.

This is the power of Man + Machine, and it is the foundation on which Solution IPC was founded. We strive to radically reduce time-to-results for business, but that outcome doesn’t happen unless we also focus on improving the performance of a business’ most valuable assets — its people. Whether you are a surgeon, a pilot, a senior executive, or a mid-level manager, our solutions provide the tools, insights, and recommendations that allow you to do extraordinary things and become your best self.